In its one hundred and thirty one years of existence the changes to the Office of the Auditor General have mostly been nominal. The Office saw its beginnings during the crown colony period as an Audit Department, under the leadership of a Principal Auditor then went on to being the Office of the Auditor General and now strives to be recognized nationally, regionally and internationally as the Supreme Audit Institution of Belize.

In keeping with the universal drive for better governance through improved accountability and transparency, Belize, like most other countries of the world continues to strive for improved governance. At the Office of the Auditor General we recognize the important role, which we play in ensuring governmental accountability.

The basic framework to ensure the effectiveness of the Office of the Auditor General is already in place. The framework includes legislation to amend the Constitution to provide independence to the Auditor General and making provisions to allow the Office, as an oversight body, to have first call on the national budget. In addition the new Finance and Audit (Reform) Act of 2005 clearly outlines the roles and functions of the Office. The Office has seen tremendous support of its programs from the government; however much more can be done.